Lessons Learned:

Educational Tools

Overview & Objectives
Conceptual Framework
Replication Examples
Lessons Learned
  Formation and training of   promoters
  Support and extension work
  Educational tools
  Tech selection and financing
  Quality production
What else needs to be done?

  • Educational materials are useful at all levels of information dissemination. These include posters for promotion and use, a construction manual, information sheets for trouble-shooting, an explanatory brochure and a promoter's kit consisting of these materials and ideas for carrying out workshops.

  • Monitoring tools (this one adapted from “Guia de Educacion Sanitaria” by UNICEF), which consisted of checklists of proper construction and use, were among the best educational tools. The families appreciated the immediate feedback, and were motivated to make corrections where needed. This also served the project by clearly communicating user perceptions and problems to project facilitators, so that they could quickly respond as needed.

  • The most useful tools were those developed in the field as they were designed to respond to real problems experienced repeatedly.

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